cut-price deal for domain name renewal scams!

Cut-Price Domain Renewal

One scam on the internet that’s seen a surge of activity recently is an identity theft attempt disguised as a cut-price deal for domain name renewal. Con artists are now using automated software to go through lists of registered owners of Internet domain names (for example, The crooks email the owners using an official-sounding name but it is actually from a scam operation in China.

The message states your annual domain registration fee is due now at the very low and affordable fee of $3. The fees usually run around $8 to $15 a year or more, so the offer seems quite enticing. As with many other scams these crooks add a note of urgency, warning that this is your final notice, after which your ownership of the domain may be canceled.

This is a simple ruse to get ahold of victims’ credit card numbers for identity theft. If you own any Internet domain names, only pay your annual fee with the company you’re already registered with. You can log into your domain name provider and look when your domain name registration expires. If you are not sure, you can always call the company direct through your phone. If you want to transfer the registration to another company, do your own research and only switch to those with an established reputation.

Alert of the Week

This is one of receiving fake emails reporting to come from discount warehouse club Costco.  They look like the real thing and start with something like: “Our online store Costco received an order and the personal data of the recipient coincide with yours.”

The messages received linked to a fake Costco website that has now been taken down (though a new one could be operating by now) but the incident serves as a timely warning not to click on links that seem to be from firms you do business with. Contact them independently instead by phone or type their web address into your browser.