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A Message from Our Senior Fraud Investigator:  Why We Go After Frauds and Scams.

Mostly anyone can recite a tale of woe involving a smooth talking con-artist and being separated from their hard earned pay.  Scams, fraudulent investment offerings and simple malignant business ethics are more prevalent in today’s aggressive economy.  During such times, those fraudsters know that there will be plenty looking for that ‘golden opportunity’ for a better investment and willing to pay handsomely for even the most dubious of offers.

Victims soon realize that the real challenges are just beginning.  After being scammed, there is little recourse for victims to take. Many report incidents to State and Federal authorities.  Attorney General offices in the U.S.A. are constantly swamped by such reports. They often have no choice but to sit on the information.  Victims receive similar attention from the Better Business Bureau.  The institution itself already has plenty of complaints against them, let alone assisting victims with a complaint against one of their smaller members.  In reality, the BBB ensures nothing more than a reasonable attempt at obtaining a response from complaints filed against it’s members.  Unfortunately, the quality of such responses isn’t assured and have even been outright insulting on occasion.

There is much to be said about how little is accomplished by State and Federal agencies. To experience, first-hand, the apathy and lack of action paints an exceptionally clear picture of the likelihood of unheeded wrongs and injustices done to hundreds of our citizens on a regular basis.  So, if you’ve been burned in the past, don’t feel bad if you didn’t get anywhere with your complaints.  While it is frustrating, you are not alone.

Many seek legal counsel and bring the matter to a court.  It all sounds like a great idea, but only if you don’t mind getting the short end of the stick.  The sad truth is that the legal system is much of the problem.  Unless your issue has assurances of a large payout for a claim, as in a personal accident due to negligence, you’re not likely to see much help from a law office unless you can afford to pay the exorbitant fees necessary to retain him or her.  Win, lose or draw, they are paid, and paid well.  Of course, it isn’t nearly so simple, as your lawyer knows that the moment your case is resolved, his or her income stream ceases.  What motivation is there to stop all of the motions, discovery requests and depositions that are so common in your average costly legal battle?

We’ve learned these lessons well.  After years in business, our eyes have never become accustomed to seeing all of the outrageous problems and costs associated with getting burned.  Bad enough that some company or individual victimizes someone, but all too often things only become worse after attempting to seek justice.  Available methods often fall terribly short in their ability to aid with the emotional strain or the ability to finalize resolution without great personal cost. Similarly, without an explicit contract stating they will recover your legal cost, legal representatives often raise more cost in the process of recovery than the actual sum to be recovered!

We’re convinced that a true advocate for the individual is needed.  Our program was started to help those individuals who have been damaged by the crooks that have become so prevalent in our system.  They might be able to skirt around the law using the system against those who don’t have an intimate knowledge of how it works, but then they get to meet us.  We don’t consider ourselves legal professionals.  As platitudinous as it may sound, we consider ourselves justice professionals.  We know that victims of scams and fraud have often lost a considerable amount of their invested money and time already.  This is why we don’t force an additional burden onto our clients.  Ninety percent of the time a case can be pursued, and we receive our fees only if we’re able to get restitution.

No cost or fees unless your money is recovered, because we know the pain and financial cost of being a victim.

If you have a problem with a bad investment or loan, have been a victim of a scam or of fraud, or just plain lied to and cheated in some way, give us a call.  Chances are, we can help you.  What do you have to lose when there’s no cost unless we get you results!